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Jigsaw Puzzles Epic - Mac graphical glitches:

If Jigsaw Puzzles Epic is showing graphical glitches on the newest Mac App Store version, please do the following:

Start the game and do Cmd + F twice on your keyboard to fix it. This will get fixed in the next version which will be coming out in a couple days. Thanks!

Phone / Tablet - Technical Problems:

If one of our games is crashing or not starting up, usually turning off then re-starting your phone/tablet will fix this, as it's probably due to your device temporarily being out of memory.

If it still doesn't work after trying the above, as a worst case scenario you could try to delete the game, then re-download it again from the App Store. Make sure to use the same login you used when purchasing the game originally so you can download the game for free.

If you still are having problems running the game, please contact us!

PC / Mac - Technical Problems:

Problems running a game? Often a reboot of your computer, or re-downloading, un-installing and re-installing can fix problems running different games, so we recommend doing this first if you are having such problems.

You could also try to install the newest version of the game as that can often fix problems as well. You can always download the newest version of the game from our website. Just go to it's page and download it there.

Contact us!

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