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Wordoku Rules

Sudoku Epic

How to play Wordoku

Wordoku (also known as "Letter Sudoku"), is more than just Sudoku with letters. The basic rules are the same as regular sudoku, but with letters instead of numbers: fill every row, column and 3x3 region with each given letter exactly once.

The interesting twist in Wordoku is that the diagonal cells from top left to bottom right should spell a common english word. Knowing this will create an interesting spin on solving the puzzle, as you can take possible words, or letter ordering into account.

Unsolved Killer Sudoku Puzzle

A solved Wordoku puzzle. The diagonal word spells "TELEPHONE".

In the most common forms of Wordoku puzzles, it is OK to repeat the same letter in the solution word, as long as letters are not repeated within the same region, row or column.

Where to Play Wordoku

Sudoku Epic

Sudoku Epic supports four game modes: regular Sudoku, Mini-Sudoku, Wordoku and Killer Sudoku. It is available on most platforms: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Google Play Store, Windows Phone, Amazon Appstore, Blackberry and more! You can also play Sudoku on Facebook.

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