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Maxi Dice

Maxi Dice for iPhone & iPod Touch & iPad

Enjoy two spectacular versions of the old family favorite, Yahtzee! In Maxi Dice you can enjoy both normal Yatzy, and the unique Maxi Yatzy, a game with six dice and more categories to put points in.

Download for iPhone & iPod Touch

Download for iPad



  •  Two different Yatzy games
  •  Play against friends or the computer
  •  Intuitive and easy to use interface
  •  No time-limit pressure


Maxi Yatzy!

Maxi Yatzy is an expanded and better version of the traditional game. You play Maxi Yatzy with six dice instead of five. You get more categories to put points in, like Two pairs, Full Straight and Tower. The most important difference, however, is the ability to save throws for later rounds. This makes the game more strategic, as you can trade a weaker hand for more dice later in the game.

In Maxi Dice, you can play against up to three friends or against the computer. Enjoy a peaceful and non-stressful round of Yatzy, or try to beat the highscore while you outsmart the computer!


Maxi Dice was previously known as Yatzy Twist.
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For iPhone & iPod Touch & iPad
4 MB

Download for iPhone & iPod Touch

Download for iPad

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Also for Mac & Windows
You can also play Maxi Dice on Mac & Windows as well, go here to check it out.

Monday, January 23, 2017
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